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This tool will help you to create a new Jabber account. Your JID (Jabber IDentifier) will be in the form of Username@Jabber_server. Please read carefully the instructions, complete the fields and you will have your Jabber account in less than two minutes.

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  • This will be the username (nick) you will use to login on your account.
  • As the JID is case-insensitive, yourname is the same as YourName.
  • A JID can not contain any of these charaters: @ : ' " < > & %
  • This password protects your account. Don't tell your password to anybody. If a so called administrator says he needs your password to correct any problem you have, he is lying. Nobody else but you needs your password.
  • You can always change your password using your prefered Jabber client.
  • Most Jabber clients can memorize your password, so you don't need to introduce it everytime.
  • Please memorize your password, ot write it somewhere, as there is no possibility to recover it.
  • This help you to recovery password when lost it and restore your account.

If you have filled the required fields and take note on your username, server, password, click on the button to proceed to create your new Jabber account.